When In Doubt Use a 5 Iron!

A  good friend made a successful decision easy one day by giving me advice that will always stick with me.  I was standing on a 180 yard Par 3  Valley Brook Country Club, in Pittsburgh, PA……  and I pulled a 4 & 5 Iron and was trying to decide which club to use.   Then  I remembered  a saying   given to me by an old friend.  “When in doubt use a 5 Iron” – at the time I asked him why? He said “because it is the most perfect club in your bag”.

Remembering that saying,  I put down the 4 Iron and struck the 5. You guessed  it….I shanked it!  No Just kidding! The ball went in the hole for my first Hole In One.  A perfect shot with a perfect club.”  Thanks Lee Frazier!

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